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Above all else, XSG values its employees and we emphasize the importance of an individual's technical, intellectual, and personal development. The company's focus on employee development means that strategic human resources, such as career training, case studies, technical forums, and overseas conferences, are readily available. By adopting a comprehensive and scaled growth plan, XSG effectively equips our employees, already experts in their own fields, with practical management skills.

Through the use of various career development channels, 'joyous learning' has become a staple of XSG culture. The company's name (Xiang Shang), which means 'upwards', embodies the philosophy of elevating the corporate environment from one of merely working to one of aspirational learning.

Compensation and Benefits

  • Annual salary ranging from 14~17 months, depending on personal performance

  • Employee incentive travel program

  • Annual leaves in addition to legal minimum

  • Streamlined promotion channels

  • Comprehensive career development planning

  • Refreshment and snack bar

  • Family movie day

  • Regular medical examinations

  • Labor / health insurance and pension fund allocations

  • Marriage, bereavement, maternity benefits and cash gift on birthdays